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    Dr. Marina Gafanovich MD is a top rated New York board certified physician who will happily address your travel vaccination needs. Our office is conveniently located in Upper East Side.

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    If you plan to travel to certain countries, CDC recommends to do specific vaccinations and immunizations. Read about your destination. We carry all kinds of vaccines and immunization shots.

    We carry all types of vaccines needed for safe travel. Select your destination from the following list and read more info...
    Welcome to Travel Clinic of New York City

    Before traveling outside of US borders, vaccines may be required. Travel Clinic of New York City will ensure travelers are inoculated and ready to travel safely to their destinations.

    Before traveling in certain countries, Americans must have medical clearance and must be inoculated against the most common deadly virulent diseases in those countries. Because New York is such a melting pot, it’s a good idea to use a travel clinic that is reputable, well stocked and knowledgeable about the latest health news and requirements worldwide. Our knowledgeable, personable staff is ready to help you prepare for your pre-trip medical exams and vaccinations.

    Appointments are easily set and should be scheduled well in advance of your travel date. However, it may be possible to schedule last minute appointments in the case of emergency travel. Upon arrival at the Dr. Gafanovich’s office in Upper East Side, you will be helped by one of our highly competent and customer oriented staff members. We give you access to information and guidance on which immunizations and prescription medications should be taken prior to traveling. Please be sure to go on a CDC website prior to your appointment and print most current guidelines to expedite your service at the time if your appointment.

    You will receive comprehensive recommendations for your pre-trip inoculations and/or prescription medications that are based on your travel location, length of your stay, health history and current health status and type of travel you plan on participating in (adventure travel, missionary work, pleasure, business, etc.)

    Travel Clinic NYC

    Dr. Marina Gafanovich MD, affiliated with New York Presbyterian,  offers travel immunizations in NYC for those who are planning a trip or holiday abroad in countries that have disease conditions or outbreaks that require travel shots or special health preparations.  While Dr. Gafanovich always prefers that patients plans for these trips well in advance we always try to offer same day visits to our Upper East Side office to do your physical exam and required vaccinations.  Because of the nature of disease and outbreak epidemiology international travel clinics are often changing the recommended vaccines for a particular country or region.  For your convenience, we provide extensive information about most popular New Yorkers’ travel destinations.

    New York Travel Clinics Are Not Created Equal

    Your travel doctor in NYC may not be prepared for same day inoculation against those diseases present in international regions, carrying only those vaccines recommended in the US.  Therefore, it is recommended that you find a physical or clinic specifically offering travel immunizations in NYC. Check Dr. Gafanovich profile at Healthgrades.

    NY Travel Doctor Advises

    Dr. Gafanovich recommends having a physical exam before leaving if there is any health issue that might need to be address before international travel. Should you be  suffering from heart disease, hypertension, or have a compromised immune system you should make your travel doctor in NY aware of this so that he or she is able to make an accurate appraisal and/or set of recommendations for traveling abroad that can prevent your condition from being exacerbated or worsened by an extended trip or even air travel itself.

    CDC-recommended Travel Vaccines

    For your convenience, we provide vaccination information on the most visited destination spots. However, for the latest updates, we still recommend that you check with CDC website.

    Travel vaccinations in New York City are no more expensive than they are in outlying regions as the price of vaccinations are set by the manufacturers themselves, therefore you attend any travel health clinic in NYC and receive comparable prices. In fact, most routine vaccinations are covered by insurance plans. It is a patients’ responsibility to contact their carrier and find out about eligibility. In case you are not covered for a travel shot contact our office and we will provide you with further information.

    Depending upon the demand for services your travel immunization clinic may not offer same day vaccinations or appointments so it is recommended that you call ahead.  Doctor Gafanovich sees a great many international travelers and always try to serve those who seek urgent or same day appointments. Please note that certain vaccinations require a series of 2 or more vaccines and you may not get the full benefit if you come “last minute”.

    For all the appropriate travel vaccinations in NYC call a travel clinic in Upper East Side.  Friendly staff will do their best to make you an appointment that is convenient.  Remember try to give as much notice as possible as there may be health conditions that require additional planning so contact the travel health clinic in NY as early as possible.

    Travel Clinic Services

    Individuals, couples, families, and groups who travel are welcome to our office, where our doctor will:

    • Interview you about your upcoming travel plans
    • Investigate your destination using the most up to date disease database and analyze the
    • information
    • Recommend immunizations and discuss required immunizations
    • Give you scripts for pre-trip medications
    • Give vaccinations during your first appointment
    • Comprehensive physical check up

    To book an appointment, call (212) 380-3841 or click here.

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