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Katie Price and Peter Andre Reunite as Harvey Lays in Hospital With Suspected Swine Flu

The dueling couple have set aside their differences for the sake of Katie’s son Harvey who was admitted to the East Surrey Hospital in Redhill for suspected swine flu.
For the past few months Katie Price and her ex-husband Peter Andre have been doing nothing but publicly fighting, but yesterday they put all their differences aside as they both rushed to be with Katie’s son Harvey in the hospital.
it is feared that Harvey, who is suspected to have swine flu, will suffer greatly from complications from the illness. Harvey is autistic and has a condition called septo optic dysplasia which means that he needs 24 hour care for everyday things.
This is the first time that Katie and Andre have been together since they decided to separate besides the exchanges of the children.
Harvey was taken to the hospital by Katie’s mum Amy and a nanny as Katie was away on her book tour. Harvey will remain in the hospital for at least 48 hours so that the medical staff can access him properly.
A source told the Mirror: “Harvey had a massive temperature and couldn’t keep any food down either. More worryingly, his breathing was also a huge concern and there was no option but to urgently seek medical advice. He’s a very poorly young man.”
A spokesperson for Katie said, “Harvey woke up on Wednesday with a very high temperature and flu-like symptoms so he was taken to hospital, as he always would be with such symptoms because of his disabilities. Doctors decided to keep him in hospital overnight for observation as a precautionary measure because of his underlying health problems.”
The rep also said that Katie called Peter as soon as she heard the news about Harvey and called Harvey’s biological father Dwight Yorke as well. Peter canceled an appearance at a London store to turn on the Christmas lights to be with Harvey in the hospital.
Katie’s mum will be watching after Katie and Peter’s other children Junior and Princess Tiaamii.