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Swine flu vaccine: Government grants immunity

Is Swine Flu Vaccine Safe or Just a Cash Machine for Big Pharma?

When former-Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius inked a document in 2010, individuals affected by the swine flu vaccine were left empty handed. The document guaranteed that neither the government or pharmaceutical industry would be held responsible for any damage or death caused by the vaccines.

During the 1976 scare, just one person died from swine flu. At the same time, hundreds died from the vaccine and thousands more were left paralyzed. The industrialized fear-mongering and manipulations swept billions into the treasure chest of pharmaceutical companies. The victims never had their day in court.

Criminal Malfeasance

In August 2009, over half of the planet’s health care professionals refused the vaccination. In response, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a directive to reassure persons that the flu vaccine was still being tested, but ‘safe.’ A major media blitz in America followed.

H1N1 swine flu vaccinations cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars while serving ‘Big Pharma’ and advanced a genocidal agenda. Public health expert Dr. Leonard Horowitz said, “Dismissing harmful vaccine side effects which sicken millions of people reflects gross criminal malfeasance.”

An Insider’s Take

Dr. Shiv Chopra once was a pharmaceutical insider. He was employed by Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of America’s Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. In 2010, Chopra was one of the top five vaccine experts in attendance at the National Vaccine Information Center’s 4th International Conference on Vaccines which was held in Washington DC. His presentation was both compelling and useful as evidenced by the numerous rounds of standing ovations he received.

There are few people more fitted than Chopra to speak to the vaccine issues, particularly swine flu.

“We don’t even know if there is such a thing as swine flu,” Chopra says. “It’s a misnomer. The entire thing is a hoax and has been for ten years. First, WHO started with avian flu and moved on to swine flu.”

Regarding the 1976 swine flu ‘epidemic’ — which never materialized, Chopra knows the inside story.

“Suddenly, a rumor appeared. A U.S. Army recruit had died of influenza and it was swine flu. No one compared it to the real swine influenza. No one revealed that the soldier in question had run twelve miles that day.,” says Chopra.

“Instead, WHO and the FDA said, “There’s going to be a major epidemic which will kill millions of people.”

The pharmaceutical company Merck was contracted to produce a swine flu vaccine for each America. At that time the nation’s population was 250 million. The government was responsible for the public’s health and welfare. Since the government was paying for the vaccinations, it must be a good thing. Merck got busy cranking out dose after dose and not many people voiced questions.

Pharmaceutical Business Makes Billions

On October 14, 2009 ABC News announced  drug companies had sold $1.5 billion worth of swine flu shots. Sanofi-Pasteur, Glaxo Smith Kline and Novartis pocketed most of the money.


Despite the progress in developing a new treatment for painful diseases, vaccines still attract critics. The National Vaccine Information Center is at the front of a push demanding vaccines be tested more completely before being put on the market.

Frank Lipman, a New York-based physician who focuses on a mixture of Western and alternative practices of medicine, says the swine flu is seldom lethal and “it’s too soon to say if it’s safe since it hasn’t been widely tested.”