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Travel Warning Issued For Zika

One neighborhood in Miami has been confirmed as a source for at least 14 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus. This has promoted federal health officials to issue a travel warning for tourists to keep away from Wynwood, a local neighborhood of Miami. This is the first time that the CDC has announced a travel warning for Americans who want to travel to another state.

Health officials from Florida say there are presently 14 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus- 12 men and 2 women. The pregnancy status of the two women has not been released by the local health officials.

So far all the confirmed cases have been in one neighborhood. However officials do expect the number of local cases to grow slightly but not to the extent seen in Brazil or other Caribbean nations. Over the weekend, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito was identified in Wynwood together with the larvae. This is somewhat disheartening because the state of Florida has invested heavily in spraying to get rid of mosquitoes. Apparently it appears that the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are resistant to current insecticides. Even though the number of cases is limited, officials are worried that the travel warning issued by CDC may affect the tourism industry. Each year, more than 100 million people from all over the US and other regions visit Miami.

It is believed that the 14 individuals were infected sometime in June this year. All 14 of the infected individuals come from Wynwood, which is well-known for its art galleries, restaurants, and residential dwellings.

Besides the warning that has been issued for pregnant women traveling to Wynwood, local health officials are also warning pregnant women who reside in Wynwood and adjacent neighborhoods to be extra vigilant about mosquitoes, In addition, men and women are being urged to practice safe sex and to use mosquito nets at night as a precaution.

Any pregnant females who have traveled to this particular neighborhood on or after June 15 are being encouraged to speak to their healthcare provider and to get themselves tested for Zika.

Both Britain and Canada have also advised pregnant women to postpone travel to the affected areas until their pregnancy was over. Several airlines have stated that they would refund the airfare if the women who decide to cancel their travel plans.